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It's been awhile coming...but we now finally have the Sales pages up and running. Find the links on the side or the top and see what we have. Let me "Kirb" know what you want...any questions you might have and we will take care of you. Check every so often for new things we will be adding. One way to stay informed is to like our Ultra Tri Face Book page, here is the link click here    for the FaceBook Page



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December 2013 Poem

The following poem was penned by Sarah Speicher, who completed the October 2013 Virginia Double ANVIL. She's a poet and we didn't know it.


Twisting and turning all through the night
Heart beat pounding through the invasive fright
Rising to eat hours before daylight
Foam rolling and stretching to avoid the dreaded tight

To read the rest, click here for the document



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Consider Helping Race Staff out or be a Support Crew for a racer

Are you thinking of tackling the Double or Triple ANVIL Triathlon. Have you upped your training which should consist of some overnight training and sleep deprivation. What else might be invovled in a successful finish for you? Think about coming out and helping either the race management OR crew for an athlete. Not all athletes can bring their own support crew, usually it's a money issue with having to travel a long distance.

But either way - you will see how the race unfolds, what atheltes are doing right, do wrong. Will answer some of your questions and make you think of other things you hadn't thought of. Email Steve Kirby at for more information and to be added to the list.





Welcome to the USA Ultra Triathlon Website


ANVIL ~ Where Iron Is FORGED!

Forget the kettle bells: We got ANVILS!!

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**Every athlete has his or her specific goals and reasons for racing in whatever event he or she chooses; but overall most would agree that the journey to the finish line is what resonates in most athletes’ minds.    Ultra-distance Athlete and Author, Wayne Kurtz

**Been thinking about how much admiration and affection I have regarding fellow Double Anvil athletes, staff, volunteers and crew. Many of you, I know very little about, so how can I like you so much??? Think I figured it out this morning. Throughout the race weekend, I was able to see many of you at your worst moments -feeling anxious, exhausted, cold, hot, hungry, nauseous, in pain, and even despair while in pursuit of your own dreams. Yet, even in your darkest moments, each one of you was able to show concern for those around you - sharing an encouraging word, a smile, your own supplies and equipment, whatever was needed.

So, while I may not know everything about you, I do know everything I need to know about you. I've seen the qualities within you that make you so inspiring!

Looking forward to racing with each of you again! (and my apologies to anyone I've missed!)
   Ultra-distance Athlete Angie Voltmer Wise penned after finishing the 2014 Florida Double ANVIL

28 Sep 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Edition of the Virginia Ultra Fest weekend featuring the Triple, Double and Single ANVIL Triathlons. We have some links below explaining FaceBook, and two different sets of timing results.

You can follow FaceBook updates at our USA Ultra Triathlon web page at this link click here

We have two different links for the Florida results. The first link is the automatic results being uploaded from the timing computer. The other results is a Excel Spreadsheet that we will update every few hours (try to) and upload. This one will have the swim finish, the bike start and show the transition time and we will put what lap of the bike (or the run when they get to it) when we do the update.

The automatic results upload click here for Results Page.

The Excel Spreadsheet click here.

20 Aug 2018

Welcome to the Lilly’s Warriors Virtual 5K series!

Click here to go our our webpage we set up th at give you more information about Lilly. click here

10 December 2016

Interview done by Sirius Talk Show Host and Actor Jay Thomas and our very own Kathy Roche-Wallace that was done Tuesday December 6, 2016. Here is the mp3 sound file to hear the show. It's 21 minutes long, below paragraph's explain who Jay is and what his show is about. Click here for the mp3 file

The Jay Thomas show is enjoyed every afternoon by millions of his fans on SiriusXM Comedy Greats 94 Monday through Thursday and on Howard101 Friday afternoons.. The show mainly broadcasts to the U.S. and Canada, but can be heard anywhere in the world where individuals have subscribed to the service.

Jay talks comedy, entertainment, sports, current events, pop culture, politics, news, music, real estate, etc. with doctors, authors, professors, politicians, lawyers, snipers, celebrities, product developers, comedians, truckers, actors, pimps, priests, UFO spotters, athletes, musicians & ordinary people who do extraordinary things!

Jay Thomas is an American actor, comedian and radio talk show host. He is a three time nominee and two time Emmy Award winner for his role as Jerry Gold on "Murphy Brown" and is equally well known around the world as Eddie Lebec from "Cheers." He has starred in his own sitcoms: ABC's "Married People" and CBS' "Love and War." Jay has been featured in "Law and Order/SVU", "Cold Case," "Boston Legal," "Hung," and this season you can catch him on "Ray Donovan", “NCIS New Orleans” and “Bones”. Jay has starred in numerous TV movies as well. You may also remember him from his reoccurring appearance on the David Letterman Show where he competed in the Quarterback Challenge & told the Lone Ranger Story.

1 July 2016

The Virginia Double, Triple, and Quintuple races have partnered with Endurance Racing Magazine, our media partner, to cover the Anvil races in Virginia. Since 2011, Alix Shutello, the President and CEO has been here personally to cover the races, interview athletes, and take photos.
Please consider a subscription to her digital magazine; only $10 a year. Proceeds go toward sponsorship opportunities, race coverage and her staff.

01 December 2013

Lava Magazine Article written by T.J. Murphy July 2013 Issue; talks with a few of our athletes about what it's like to race the ultra scene, training tips, and other little tidbits. Great read.  T.J.'s Article (pdf file)


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The following poem was penned by Sarah Speicher, who completed the October 2013 Virginia Double ANVIL. She's a poet and we didn't know it.

Twisting and turning all through the night
Heart beat pounding through the invasive fright
Rising to eat hours before daylight
Foam rolling and stretching to avoid the dreaded tight

To read the rest, click here

Using, Caring for Your Wetsuit

By Karen Sing written for

Karen Sing's wetsuit tenure began at Quintana Roo in 1990, lasting into the 2000s, moving on to head wetsuit projects at Zoot and Profile Design. Great open-water swimmer. Expert on wetsuit use and care.

To read the article, click here

The Slowtwitch Wetsuit Guide

Written By Dan Empfield for

It's almost impossible to find the one "right" wetsuit. As with dating, you can't sample them all before find your keeper. Wetsuit dating, how does that work?

To read the article, click here

Learn the Lingo

A Hammer Nutrition Article written by UltraWoman and Double & Triple IRON Finisher Suzy Degazon click here (pdf file)

Beyond Iron Distance

A Hammer Nutrition Article written by Double IRON Finisher Shane "Zenman" Eversfield click here (pdf file)

Fuel Up, Get Ahead

By Anahad O'Connor/The New York Times/3July2011

Working out while hungry may fly in the face of conventional wisdom, but many athletes and gym-goers push themselves on empty stomachs in the belief they’ll burn more fat.

To read the rest, click here

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