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It's been awhile coming...but we now finally have the Sales pages up and running. Find the links on the side or the top and see what we have. Let me "Kirb" know what you want...any questions you might have and we will take care of you. Check every so often for new things we will be adding. One way to stay informed is to like our Ultra Tri Face Book page, here is the link click here    for the FaceBook Page



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December 2013 Poem

The following poem was penned by Sarah Speicher, who completed the October 2013 Virginia Double ANVIL. She's a poet and we didn't know it.


Twisting and turning all through the night
Heart beat pounding through the invasive fright
Rising to eat hours before daylight
Foam rolling and stretching to avoid the dreaded tight

To read the rest, click here for the document



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Consider Helping Race Staff out or be a Support Crew for a racer

Are you thinking of tackling the Double or Triple ANVIL Triathlon. Have you upped your training which should consist of some overnight training and sleep deprivation. What else might be invovled in a successful finish for you? Think about coming out and helping either the race management OR crew for an athlete. Not all athletes can bring their own support crew, usually it's a money issue with having to travel a long distance.

But either way - you will see how the race unfolds, what atheltes are doing right, do wrong. Will answer some of your questions and make you think of other things you hadn't thought of. Email Steve Kirby at for more information and to be added to the list.




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Company Bio

USA Ultra Triathlon was born November 2004 when Steve Kirby took over ownership of the Virginia Double and Triple IRON Triathlons from Odyssey Adventure Racing. It was around a dinner table shared with our Race Doc, George Wortley, and other friends that helped as staff, that different names were bantered around and USA Ultra Triathlon was decided upon as that allowed us to promote the racse across the country wherever we could find a suitable race course.

The world’s original Double IRON was held in Huntsville AL and was successfully hosted there from 1984 thru 1996.  The race was cancelled in 1997 because of logistics and a lack of volunteers.

Odyssey was formed in 1997 and was putting on its first set of ultra distance adventure races in 1998.  They acquired ownership of the Huntsville Double IRON, which fit nicely into their mix of races, holding the first one in Virginia Beach that year.  The Double IRON was moved to Colonial Beach, VA in 1999 and the Triple IRON was added as well.  Both events were held in Colonial Beach in 2000 before they were moved to Lake Anna State Park in 2001.

USA Ultra Triathlon has continued holding the events at Lake Anna since then, looking elsewhere to hold another Double IRON due to increase in demand.  Finally in March 2011 the first Double IRON was held in Tampa FL. And in February 2013, we were contacted by the Washington County Visitors Association of Portland OR about putting on a Double IRON out there, so after heading out in July to check out Hagg Lake and the facilities around there, we will be hosting the Oregon Double IRON starting July 2014.

Effective Aug 2013, after a "cease and desist" letter from World Triathlon Corporation//Ironman people that IUTA (International Ultra Triathlon Association) received (they have sent two letters), we have decided to change the names of our events from Double/Triple/Quintuple IRON to ANVIL. So now they will be called Double ANVIL Triathlon, Triple ANVIL Triathlon and Quintuple ANVIl Triathlon. The distances remain the same, but seeing how we have always had the anvil in the center of the logo since 1985, it was only right to keep the anvil in the name, which also allows us some marketing leeway and other fun things we can do with "anvil".

Steve Kirby started working with Odyssey Adventure Racing in 1998, while still on active duty in the Navy.  He retired after serving 26 years and worked full time for Odyssey; handling applications, website upkeep, awards, timing, and athlete point of contact for questions and information.  Steve left Odyssey in early 2004 to return back to school for another Bachelor’s Degree, Odyssey was sold at the end of 2004 and Steve acquired the Double and Triple IRON triathlons.

History of the Double IRON Triathlon as written by Ray and Nancy Shephard - Orginators of the worlds first ultra triathlon race "Click Here" for the PDF Document