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The Creation of the AnVillage

The AnVillage term was penned by Maria Simone following the March 2016 Double ANVIL.

The Anvillage!!!

It would be a mistake to think of a Double Anvil as simply twice an Ironman. While the numbers do add up that way, the experience is so much more than just those numbers.

Representative of these differences is the very language used to described the center of the race. An Ironman has a transition area. The Double Anvil has a village. That’s more than just a semantic difference.

Within the confines of that Anvil village–what I’m going to call the Anvillage–lies the key to what makes this event so special: a sense of community that comes from pushing the edges of our comfort zones, sharing the belief that limits are for other people, and finding our strength not only as individuals–but also as a community of people seeking the extraordinary.

While I raced as a solo racer, this effort was hardly an individual effort for me – or for any of my fellow racers. It is not possible to cross the finish line of a race of this magnitude without the support of the Anvillage. The respect and support of the racers, their crews, and the race staff is like no other race I’ve ever done.

Not. Even. Close.

The commiseration or commendation of your fellow comrades-in-laps can lift you out of a hole or help you ride the high to the finish line. There were times when I was convinced that to go another lap would be a seemingly impossible, Herculean effort. But, then, a fellow racer or their crew would cheer me on, give me words of encouragement, and I was fueled and renewed by the knowledge that if I believed it – I would achieve it.

We may have started as individuals, but in passing through the Anvillage lap after lap after lap–and yeah, another lap–we crossed the line into family.

To read her complete race report, click here for the document



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December 2013 Poem

The following poem was penned by Sarah Speicher, who completed the October 2013 Virginia Double ANVIL. She's a poet and we didn't know it.


Twisting and turning all through the night
Heart beat pounding through the invasive fright
Rising to eat hours before daylight
Foam rolling and stretching to avoid the dreaded tight

To read the rest, click here for the document



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Consider Helping Race Staff out or be a Support Crew for a racer

Are you thinking of tackling the Double or Triple ANVIL Triathlon. Have you upped your training which should consist of some overnight training and sleep deprivation. What else might be invovled in a successful finish for you? Think about coming out and helping either the race management OR crew for an athlete. Not all athletes can bring their own support crew, usually it's a money issue with having to travel a long distance.

But either way - you will see how the race unfolds, what atheltes are doing right, do wrong. Will answer some of your questions and make you think of other things you hadn't thought of. Email Steve Kirby at for more information and to be added to the list.




Oregon Athletes Racing in 2017


The athletes below will be competing (or expressed their intent to compete) in 2017. If they have an asterisk (**) before and after their name, that means they have registered and paid for the race. If there is only one asterisk (*), means they are pretty serious, more than just a dream - a wish, but haven't registered yet. The dates for 2017 are 13/16 July.

Good luck to all!

**Caroline Brosius**, 50 ~ Washington, DC

  • 2016 Virginia Single ANVIL
  • 2014 Ironman Mt Tremblant
  • 2014 North Face 50K Washington DC
  • 2014/03/01/1997 Molokai channel crossing Outrigger distance world championships
  • 2011/06 Queen Lili’u’okilani Outrigger distance race
  • 2004 Odyssey Adv Racing Off-road Iron
  • 1999 Beast of the East 5 day Adventure Race
  • 1996 Sprint Kayak Olympic Trials
  • 1991 Summited Mt. Rainier

**Michelle Echeverria**, 24 ~ Guatemala living in Grand Prairie, TX

  • 2017 Florida IRON Plus
  • 2016 Ironman Cozumel
  • 2015 Florida Double Anvil Team
  • Two 70.3 Ironmans

**Georgeta Gruescu**, 44 ~ Bothell, WA from Romania

  • 2016 Hawaii Ironman
  • 2016 Oregon Double ANVIL
  • 24 Ironman's
  • 112 Marathons/ultra runs (up to 100 milers)

**Mark Blore**, 48 ~ Coronado, CA

  • 2016 Virginia Quintuple ANVILo
  • 2016/15/14 Oregon Double ANVIL
  • Ironman KY, AZ, UT
  • 2012 Ragnar Team Winner
  • Avalon 50 Miler
  • Old Goat 50 Miler
  • 2x Deathride
  • 2x 300k Brevets
  • 24 Hr World's Toughest Mudder Competitor

**Mario Hamel**, 51 ~ Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • 2017 Florida Double ANVIL
  • 2016 Florida Double ANVIL Team
  • 2015 IM Cozumel
  • 2015 IM Texas
  • 2015 Demi-Esprit Montréal
  • 2014 IM Maryland

**Michael Ortiz**, 33 ~ Brooklyn, NY

  • 2016 Virginis Triple ANVIL ~ Unofficial
  • 2016 Oregon Single ANVIL Plus
  • 2016 Florida Double ANVIL
  • 2016 Beast of Burden Winter 100 Miler
  • 2015 Beast of Burden Summer 100 Miler
  • 2015 Beast of Burden Winter 50 Miler
  • 2015/14 Knickerbocker 60K Ultra
  • One Ironman

*Brad Sawa*, 41 ~ Calgary, Canada

**Noel Tavan**, 31 ~ Portland, OR from France

  • 2016 Seattle to Portland bike ride
  • 2016 Ironman Arizona
  • 2015 Ironman Penticton
  • 2015 Mt Hood 50 Mile Trail Run
  • 2014 Light At The End Of The Tunnel Marathon
  • 2014 Vernonia Marathon
  • 2014 Newport Marathon

Oregon Double ANVIL Teams

Shannon and her group

Shannon Coates, ~ Portland, OR

, ~

**Team Argentina**

Ronnie Gidekel, 39 ~ Aventura, FL from Argentina
  • 2016 Virginia Double ANVIL
  • 2016 Oregon Bad Ass Single ANVIL
  • 2015 Ironman Florida

Martin Gallone, 39 ~ Aventura, FL from Argentina
  • Ironman Texas
  • Ironman Miami 70.3
  • MiamiMan 70.3

Sebastian Golod, 43 ~ Aventura, FL from Argentina
  • Ironman Miami 70.3
  • Escape Miami International Tri
  • Miami Half Marathon

Oregon "Badass" ANVIL Triathlon

**Lisa Wei-Haas**, 57 ~ Tulsa OK from Arvida, Quebec, Canada

  • 2016 Virginia Double ANVIL
  • 2016/5 Oregon Bad Ass Single Anvil
  • 2014 Ultraman Canada
  • Leadville 250 Mile Triathlon (inaugural Boulder City and Bend)
  • 31 Iron Distance finshes (All 6 Silverman, IM Lanzarote, IM France, IM Hawaii legacy participant)
  • ALl 5 EpicWoman camps

**Mike Bufalino**, 43 ~ Salem, OR

**T.J. Martin**, 45 ~ Olympia, WA