Virgina Anvil Fest
9/30/2019 to 10/05/2019, Lake Anna State Park - Spotsylvania, Virginia USA


Dmitry Zaretsky, ~
15k Open Water Swim 5:15 PR
Marathon 4:14 PR
Half Ironman

C Scott Brennan, 48 ~ Princeton, NJ
2017 Ultraman Canada
2014 Epic 5 Hawaii

Alicia Light, 51 ~ Fountain Valley, CA
Across The Year's 50 Miles
2x Ironman

Bethany Hubinette, 37 - Bloomfield, IA
2019 Ironman Boulder to do
2016 HITS Full Distance Tri
Four Marathons

Toby Fort, 45 ~ Mt Pleasant, SC

Josh Kiecker, 39 ~ Fremont, WI
4x Ironman Wisconsin
2019 Lighthouse 100 mile ultra run
2018 Ice Age Trail 50 miler
2018 Mayor's Marathon Anchorage, AK

David Light, 50 ~ Fountain Valley, CA
2015/14 Virginia Double ANVIL
2x Ironman's

Sadiki McCalla, Youngster ~ Chicago, IL
2019 Thor Extreme Norway to do
2016 Swissman
Ironman Brazil & Wisconsin

Kevin Mendenhall, 27 - Roanoke, VA
2015 Beach2Battleship Full Distance Tri
Beach Lifeguard

Eric Schrading, 53 ~ Galloway, NJ
2016 Virginia Triple ANVIL Team
2014 Virginia Double ANVIL
18 Ironman's 9:19 pr
20 or so Marathons 2:52 pr

Jeff Wamser, 45 - Pleasant Hill, IA
2019/18 Florida Double ANVIL
2017 Booneville Backroads Ultra 100 Mile (5th OA)
2017 Garmin Marathon (3rd AG)
2017 Paleozoic 50k

Double Anvil™ Teams

Team Rachel - Jordan - Mercedes
Rachel L'Heureux, 31 - Virginia Beach, VA
2x Shamrock Marathon
2x Shenandoah Adventure Race (1st Place)
Oklahoma City Half Marathon

Mercedes, -
Northface 50K
Buckroe Beach 50K

Jordan Smith, -
Patriots Half Ironman
50K Night Train

Team Will Turner's Freinds
, -

, -

, -

Team Hero's For Humanity
Ray Kalafsky, -

, -

, -

Michelle Bolhuis, 56 ~ Clermont, FL
13 plus Ironman's

Nancy Clinkenbeard, 55 ~ Las Flores, CA
2018 Oregon Double ANVIL

Colleen Wilcox, 52 ~ Laguna Niguel, CA
2018 Virginia Triple ANVIL Team
2018 Oregon Double ANVIL Team
2017/16 Florida Double ANVIL
A few Ironman's

Danielle Winkler, 49 ~ Newport, CA
2018 Virginia Triple ANVIL Team
2018 Oregon Double ANVIL
2017/16 Florida Double ANVIL
10 Ironman's completed

Pablo Sampaio, 36 ~ Chicago, IL
2018 Virginia Double ANVIL
Swissman Extreme Triathlon
Brazil Ironman
Madison Ironman
Ultra Marathons (100 Miler, four 50 Milers

Continuous Quintuple Anvil™

Paula Heron, 42 ~ Charlottsville VA from South Africa
2015 Virginia Triple ANVIL
2012/11 Virginia Double IRON
6 Full distance triathlons

Leslie Holton, 51 - Pine, CO
2014/13/11 Florida Double ANVIL
2008 Levis, Canada Double IRON
2007 Virginia Double IRON

Christina Tabaka, 51 ~ Hermitage, PA
2018 Virginia Double ANVIL
2017 Olander 24 Hours race - 77.1 Miles
2015 Ron Turney ALS 10K yard swim
3 Ironmans (AZ, NC, MD
A Few Marathons
Cole Braun, 57 ~ Oconomowoc, WI
2016 VA Triple Anvil - 3rd place
2014 VA Double Anvil
10 Time Ironman Finisher
20+ Marathon Finisher

Brad Kelley, 52 ~ Carrollton, TX
2015/13 Florida Double ANVIL
2014 Virginia Triple ANVIL U/O
2017 Ironman Legacy Program racer

Mike Kline, 44 ~ Leonardtown, MD
2016 Virignia Triple ANVIL
2015 Virginia Double ANVIL
17 year Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor

Matt McClellan, 29 ~ Norfolk, VA
2018 Virginia Triple ANVIL
2015 Virginia Double ANVIL
Graveyard 100 Mile ultra run
Peak Race 100 Miler
David Seres, 47 - Newport Beach, CA
2018 Decaman USA Quintuple 1x5
2015 Virginia Triple ANVIL
6 Double ANVIL’s
Jay Sonnenklar, - Fort Lauderdale, FL
2019/17/15/14 Florida Double ANVIL
2015 Virginia Triple ANVIL

1x5 Quintuple Anvil™

Paul Bedard, 51 ~ Westport, MA & Weston, FL
2018/16/15/14/12/10/09 Virginia Double ANVIL
2001/1999/98 Odyssey Double IRON
1996/93/92 Huntsville Double IRON

Drew Holton, 50 - Pine, CO
2019 Ironman Boulder
2016 HITS Full Distance Tri
Four Marathons


Steve Kirby - Race Director

Teri Smith - Co Race Director

Jade Kent Medders - Medical Doc/Hematocrit Testing

Cindy Kirby - Food/Race Management

Tina St Pierre - Vol Coord/Race Manageemnt


The following link will take you to the webpage that will have yearly spreadsheet results links as well as as the top three swim, bike, run and overall times for the course...will show who it is and a picture of them.

Virginia Quintuple, Triple, Double and Single ANVIL™ Results and top three Records

Everyone who has ever raced in the U.S.A. Series of Ultra Triathlons:

Here is a Spreadsheet that shows everyone who has ever done the Double or Triple ANVIL/IRON Triathlon at Hunstville, Alabama; the Odyssey series held in Virginia; or USA Ultra Triathlon™ series held in Virginia, Florida, and Oregon. The Double IRON was originally held in Hunstville, Alabama starting in 1985, the worlds first Double IRON, the name was changed from IRON to ANVIL in 2013 after WTC sent us a Cease and Desist request. It was easier to change than fight, which turned out to be in our benefit in the long run. Click here for the PDF file


Coming soon!


October 2017
Triple ANVIL Race Report from Brian Connors - Brian's Race Report (pdf file)
Triple ANVIL Race Report from Carrie OBryan - Carrie's Race Report (pdf file)
Triple ANVIL Race Report from Matt Frazier - Matt's Race Report (pdf file)
Triple ANVIL Race Report from Mike Kline - Mike's Race Report (pdf file)
Triple ANVIL Race Report from Michael Ortiz - Michael's Race Report (pdf file)
Triple ANVIL Race Report from Steve Orsini - Steve's Race Report (pdf file)
Double ANVIL Race Report from Siobhan Maize - Siobhan's Race Report (pdf file)


Lake Anna State Park

Lake Anna State Park is located just SW of Fredericksburg, VA. The address for the park is 6800 Lawyers Road, Spotsylvania, VA 22551-9645.
You can plug this address into your favorite mapping program or GPS to get directions.
Centrally and strategically located on the East Coast, Lake Anna State Park is easily accessible from Washington DC and Richmond VA area airports.
There are 4 airports close to the park:
Washington Dulles International (IAD) 85 miles 1 Hr 45 Min.
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) 82 Miles 1 Hr 33 Min.
Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) 115 Miles 2 Hrs 18 Min.
Richmond International Airport (RIC) 70 Miles 1 Hr 17 Min.