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It's been awhile coming...but we now finally have the Sales pages up and running. Find the links on the side or the top and see what we have. Let me "Kirb" know what you want...any questions you might have and we will take care of you. Check every so often for new things we will be adding. One way to stay informed is to like our Ultra Tri Face Book page, here is the link click here    for the FaceBook Page



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December 2013 Poem

The following poem was penned by Sarah Speicher, who completed the October 2013 Virginia Double ANVIL. She's a poet and we didn't know it.


Twisting and turning all through the night
Heart beat pounding through the invasive fright
Rising to eat hours before daylight
Foam rolling and stretching to avoid the dreaded tight

To read the rest, click here for the document



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Consider Helping Race Staff out or be a Support Crew for a racer

Are you thinking of tackling the Double or Triple ANVIL Triathlon. Have you upped your training which should consist of some overnight training and sleep deprivation. What else might be invovled in a successful finish for you? Think about coming out and helping either the race management OR crew for an athlete. Not all athletes can bring their own support crew, usually it's a money issue with having to travel a long distance.

But either way - you will see how the race unfolds, what atheltes are doing right, do wrong. Will answer some of your questions and make you think of other things you hadn't thought of. Email Steve Kirby at for more information and to be added to the list.




Information for the Virginia Single, Double, and Triple ANVIL


Time till race start

If you are looking for results during the race, the links are on the homepage of the website.

What is required to sign up for the solo Double or Triple ANVIL... 1) have completed at least a ironman distance tri 2) be at least 21 years old 3) submit the race application 4) Submit payment 5) submit the Medical Release form signed by your doctor 6) email a race photo of yourself as well as a funny goofy head shot for the timing computer 7) email your top 4 ultra accomplishments

What is required to sign up for the Team Double or Triple ANVIL or the Single ANVIL... 1) submit the race application 2) Submit payment 3) email a race photo of yourself as well as a funny goofy head shot for the timing computer 4) email your top 4 ultra accomplishments

Click here for the Single Solo Application (Updated 28 Oct 2018)

Click here for the Double and Triple Solo Application (Updated 28 Oct 2018)

Click here for the Double and Triple Team Application (Updated 28 Oct 2018)

Click here for the Medical Release Form ~ Double and Triple Solo athletes only (Updated 28 Oct 2018)

Click here for the Weekend Schedule (Not Updated yet)


Triple ANVIL Checkin is Wednesday afternooon, 9 October 2019

Triple ANVIL Race Start is 7:00 a.m. Thursday, 10 October 2019

Double ANVIL Checkin is Thursday afternooon, 10 October 2019

Double ANVIL Race Start is 7:00 a.m. Friday, 11 October 2019

Double and Triple ANVIL race finish by 7:00 p.m. Saturday, 12 October 2019

Single ANVIL 17 hours after race start, either Thursday or Friday evening

Awards Ceremony/Lunch is Sunday 11:00, 13 October 2019

Triple Start 10 Oct

Start Civil Twilight: 6:47 a.m.    Sunrise: 7:14 a.m.    Sunset: 6:39 p.m.    End Civil Twilight: 7:06 p.m.

Moon Phase Brightness: 91%    Moon Rises: 5:36 9.m.    Moon Sets: 3:59 a.m.

Double Start 11 Oct

Start Civil Twilight: 6:48 a.m.    Sunrise: 7:15 a.m.    Sunset: 6:38 p.m.    End Civil Twilight: 7:04 p.m.

Moon Phase Brightness: 95%    Moon Rises: 6:03 p.m.    Moon Sets: 4:56 a.m.


Check in and race will be at Lake Anna State Park. Awards Ceremony/Lunch will be at .

Cost for this crazy fun!

Please see race application for Price Increase Dates and Application Deadlines!

Solo Single Anvil: $350.00

Solo Double Anvil: $850.00

Solo Triple Anvil: $1020.00

Team Double Anvil: 2 Pers $890.00/3 Pers $990.00

Team Triple Anvil: 2 Pers $1060.00/3 Pers $1160.00

The Double and Triple ANVIL race is sanctioned by both USAT (United States Triathlon Association) and IUTA (International Ultra Triathlon Association). You must have a yearly membership license with USAT or purchase a one day license for $15.00, available at race checkin. The IUTA Fee has been merged into the race fee already, there is no longer a yearly or one day race fee, team members do not need a IUTA license. The Single ANVIL is sanctioned by USAT.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Up until Application Deadline you can either put your monies towards next years race OR get a refund minus $50.00. After the Application Deadline you can put your monies towards next year's race and have $75.00 deducted or get your monies refunded minus a $100.00 fee.

Reservation Fee: We will no longer reserve a spot for you without an application and down payment. To reserve a spot, send in the application and $250.00, the final payments will still have to be made by the payment cutoff dates stated on the application form. Any refunds will fall under the Cancellation/Refund Policy.

Payment: You can either send a check/Money Order (U.S. Dollars) made out to Steve Kirby, use PayPal, or use your credit card to pay for your entry fee and any other fees associated with the race (Shelter Rental, food for your support, etc). If you use PayPal, use my email address to send the monies and send me an email telling me you just did it so I can be on the lookout for it. When you have your PayPal page up, click on the "Send Money" tab, put in my email address, the amount and then click on the second Radio Button "I'm sending money to family or friends”. Don’t use “I'm paying for goods or services” as I will be charged a fee. For athletes sending in other forms of payment besides U.S. Funds or PayPal, please check with me first before you do so as there are bank fees associated with other forms of payment. If you use a credit card, we will add a 3% fee to help cover the c/c fee that we will have to pay. Good luck and let me know if you have a problem.

What you get for entering the race!

For entering you get a Race Bag at check-in to include Quality Heavyweight Race T-Shirt, Trailrunner Mag, and other goodies; HammerGel and Heed Drink nutrition product; Pre-Race Pasta Dinner; one 30 minute massage by our massage staff; Awards Luncheon and Ceremony; and other items. For Doubles and Triples finishing the race you get a Placement or Finishers Buckle, a IUTA Finishers Medallion, and a high quality Patagonia long sleeve technical shirt with race logo and 2019 Finisher on left breast. Single athletes will get a Finishers Buckle and a high quality long sleeve technical shirt with race logo and 2019 Finisher on left breast
Above items are subject to change. For the women, we get your shirt in a woman's cut (or at least try to). Your massage can be used anytime before, during or post race. If you wait till you finish, please don't wait to get it as the massage person will get backed up later in the race.


Double and Triple Athletes must be at least 21 years of age and have completed a Single ANVIL/Ironman/Full distance triathlon or other significant accomplishements. Recommended to have ultra distance swims, bikes and runs as well.

Time Limits

Athletes have 17 hours to complete the Single ANVIL, 36 hours for the Double ANVIL, and 60 hours for the Triple ANVIL; the clock keeps ticking, even if you take a couple hours nap. This race is formatted the same as any other triathlon with you completing the 2.4/4.8/7.2 mile swim first, then complete the 112/224/336 mile bike course and finish with the 26.2/52.4/78.6 mile run course. The race starts 7:00 a.m. Thursday for the Triple ANVIL and 7:00 a.m. Friday for the Double ANVIL (the Singles ANVIL athletes can start either THursday or Friday) and you have until 7:00 p.m. Saturday to officially finish the Double or Triple ANVIL race. Awards Lunch/Ceremony starts late Sunday morning.


There are Cabins at the lake that go about $110-$120.00 a night and sleep 6 (one bedroom with a Queen bed, one bedroom with twin beds and pull out Queen Sofa in the Great Room. The cabins have a kitchen with refrigerator, stove, microwave, bathroom, fireplace, a/c and heat, back porch; the beds comes with sheets, blankets, pillow. There are 10 of these and some have a water view, Cabin 10 is designated as a Handicap Cabin. New last year are Ladges that sleep up to 16 people. 2 rooms have Queen beds in them and they share a bath; two rooms have 2 sets of twin beds and they share a bath; and two rooms have 2 sets of bunk beds and they share a bath. Check with me for prices for the different set ups in the lodge; i will be reserved one and subdivide for athlets/their crews.

There are Camp Cabins that are a one room wooden structure that has 2 sets of twin beds and a table with 4 chairs. There is a picnic table outside and 2 rocking chairs on the front porch. The cabin has electricty but there is no kitchen, no refrigerator or bathroom. You use the bathhouse down the street, about a minute walk. These go for about 50.00 a night. You must also bring your own sheets, pillow, blanket as they are not supplied. For those flying in and not able to bring your own, I have a supply of them for rent at 10.00 per person for the race.

There are also campsites for tents and RV sites with hookups. I am not sure on the price of these, they vary. But for all the above, you can either call 1 (800) 933-7275 x5 for reservations or use this website to reserve a spot ~ Lake Anna State Park

For accommodations outside the park, click on the Word Document that shows some of the hotels within a few miles of the park and ones in Fredericksburg Click here for the Word Document


The swim is in the lake at Lake Anna State Park, water temp is usually mid 70's. Most everyone will wear a wetsuit, but once every couple years we will have a hardy individual do the whole swim without wearing a wetsuit.
Click here for the USAT Website rules and Frequently Asked Questions on Skinsuits and Speedsuits. Basically, as long as your wetsuit is not more than 5mm thick, it can be used.

Course Map

Click here for an overview of the Park/Course.

Click here for an overview of the Lake Cafe/Swim area.

Click here for a large overview of the Lake Cafe/Swim.

Click here for an overview of the Swim course.

Click here for an overview of the Bike course.

Click here for an overview of the Run course.

Click here for an overview of the AnVillage.

Click here for an overview of the Support Crew area.

Click here for an overview of the Cabin Loop.

Click here for the pdf showing all the maps.