Virginia Application Documents

We have two Results to show...the first link comes out of the Timing Computer and is updated every 5 minutes, it shows the current lap and the current and past split. The other result is a Excel Spreadsheet that we tri and update every 4-6 shows the swim time, then during the bike and run we will update their current lap and how long they have been on that section, it also shows the transition time.

Timing Computer Results ~ Click here for the results

Excel Spreadsheet ~ Click here for the Spreadsheet

Below applications are fillable pdf forms – click in each block and fill from your computer or phone, save and send to If you can’t use a digital signature on the back, don’t worry, you will sign the application at check-in.

Single Anvil

AquaVelo & Duathlon

Triple & Double Anvil Solo

Triple & Double Team

Medical Release (Solo Double & Triple Only)

IUTA Consent (Solo Double and Triple & Only)

USAT One Day Membership (If you do not have a Yearly License)

Weekend Schedule (Not Updated yet)