From: Steve Kirby <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 1:57 PM
Subject: USA Ultra Triathlon End Of Year Recap






Hello Anvil Family,

The holiday season is now in full swing across the globe, and the ‘extended off-season’ training logs are full of entries. 2020 has been tough, in various ways, for each of us. Job loss, natural disasters, a pandemic… the list goes on. It also has been a year that allowed for unexpected time together, creative process changes, and personal growth. On the USA Ultra Tri frontlines, unable to hold our Oregon or Virginia races, our team had valuable time for Zoom meetings, planning ways to handle challenges we all face moving forward and to truly hear one another. This brought us closer and made us even more excited for 2021 and beyond.

The outpouring of love and support from all of you is humbling. We cannot thank you enough for sending words of encouragement as months passed without knowing what was coming next. We are not out of the proverbial woods yet, but we are making plans for 2021 and hoping we can see many of you in March, June, and October. Current plans are as follows:


Florida – 11 to 14 March

(Double, Single)

Click on the picture to view the video from 2020  




Oregon - 9 to 12 June *

IUTA Double Championship 

(solo Double only)

Click on the picture to view the video from 2016




Virginia – 3 to 10 October (Quintuple, Triple, Double, Single)

Click on the picture to view the video from 2016



We announced the addition of Aquavelo and Duathlon options last year, so check our website to inquire about those options if you are interested –

As always, teams are allowed at all events (except for Oregon 2021) in all distances (team spots are limited).

*Oregon dates have moved up by one day from original publication. This change was requested by the park to ensure your safety after an increase in park visitors this year.

None of our permitting agencies have told us ‘no’ to any of our events, but we expect Covid-related modifications from all government officials. We will be working on documentation as information comes in and will publish details closer to race dates. Our website will continue being updated, so visit often!  

Racer safety is our top priority and will continue to be the guiding force for all decisions made regarding upcoming races. Please continue to wear a mask and make mindful decisions this winter so the virus spread is reduced. We miss you and cannot wait to see you

Family Always,

Teri and Steve